Direct Donation

Donate today to give our children the support they need not just to meet but to exceed academic expectations. The BEF will fundraise all year to meet our $200,000 goal. This group of volunteers from the Benicia community will gather donations from parents, apply for grants from companies and government agencies, develop sponsorships from businesses and produce public fundraising and awareness events such as the Run For Education and the Parade of Pigs 4 Kids.

The funds raised will support the libraries and the technological staffing and upgrades on all seven Benicia Public Schools. These resources benefit every child in our schools. Along with BUSD, we are embarking on an aggressive campaign to upgrade the technological resources at each school.  Learn more about 21st Century Teaching and Learning in our current newsletter.

The equation for success starts with you, the families of Benicia. Last year approximately 15% of the families in Benicia with children in school donated. With that money we kept libraries open, computer labs running and students learning. Benicia, WE CAN DO BETTER! WE SHOULD DO BETTER FOR OUR CHILDREN! Take the time now to donate for your child’s future and our community.

Read more in “Letter to Parents” / Kick start Fall Mailer

Donor Directed Gifts through the United Way

United Way

Many organizations provide opportunities for direct donations by employees and/or employer-matched gifts to the United Way. If your company offers this option, you may designate the Benicia Education Foundation to receive your donor directed gift through the United Way. Please provide your employer with the following information to ensure that we do indeed receive the funds. Thank you!

Benicia Education Foundation
PO Box 1611
Benicia, Ca 94510

Print-and-Mail Donation Form

Along with the online donation option, we also offer a Print-and-Mail opportunity. If you would like to send a check to support our schools, please click here to download the Donation Form. Just fill it out and mail it to us together with your contribution – and don’t forget to let us know whether we can add your name to our list of generous supporters for education in Benicia.


3 Easy Ways to Earn for the Benicia Education Foundation

Help support the BEF through eScrip/Safeway. It is an easy and hassle-free program which helps us raise funds through your everyday purchases. Hundreds of merchants (groceries, clothing, supplies, automotive, travel, entertainment, etc…) contribute a percentage (2-6%) of purchases to your assigned charity when you shop. All you need to do is register your Safeway club card and debit/credit card(s) with eScrip. It is safe and secure.

Log on to and add your card today, then designate The Benicia Education Foundation to receive contributions. Shop at eScrip merchants, dine at participating restaurants, travel with participating airlines, and more. The contribution to the BEF is automatic with eScrip!