How Do I Know My Direct Donation Will Go to My School?

We support all seven Benicia schools. The BEF publishes an annual report every year disclosing our income and expenditure for programs and services.

Why Doesn’t the District Pay for the Library and Computer Resource Programs?

The school district has allocated the maximum available dollars in the budget for these programs. In fact, a portion of the salaries for librarians and computer resource techs this year will be paid out of the General Fund. However, state funds do not provide enough funding to fully fund these programs. So parents and the community needs to step in to pay the difference if we want those for our kids. And we do. Can you imagine educating our kids without libraries or computer labs?

How Does a Direct Donation to the BEF Help the Parent Teacher Organization at This School?

For years, each school site has had to rely on its own means to staff their libraries and computer labs. Parent Teacher Organizations and site councils have struggled to raise and allocate funds for salaries—at the expense of enrichment. Schools could provide so much more enriching educational experiences like art and music and field trips and so much else with those same funds! These dollars help equalize the funding so all schools are able to have computer and library services equally therefore releasing the burden of these programs for PTO’s to now fund the individual school functions like field trips, art programs and other curriculum enhancing programs.

How Much Should I Give?

Our recommended amount is less than $1.00 a day for your child’s education: $360 for one child, or $540 per family. But any amount is appreciated: $240, $120, $60 or less. Or more! Especially if you have more than one child in the schools. The real answer is: as much as you can. Our kids are relying on us to pay for these programs and our schools can’t do it without us. We need all parents to make a generous direct donation to meet this commitment.

That’s a Large Amount. I Can’t Afford That Right Now. What Do I Do?

We also offer the option of making 12 monthly payments. $45/month is an annual donation of $540. $30/month is $360. $20/month is $240. $10/month is $120.

Back-to-School Expenses Are So High. I Can’t Make a Direct Donation Right Now. What Do I Do?

Please pledge a direct donation to be paid later in the year. Just call with your pledge or send in your support card indicating you’ll pay later—and we’ll contact you during the school year.